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Why don’t we take more care of the roots of our well-being ?

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Nature is one of the best enabler we can find for our well-being. So, why don’t we see more energy spent to preserve it in the long term?

My point of view is that a lot of people, for various reasons, are spending most of their wake up time in indoor environments (car, office, shopping center, in front of a screen,…). Due to the neuroplasticity of their brain (neurons that fire together, wire together), they have become adapted to the “indoor experience” and they believe it is the the only way of living. They have “forgotten” the emotional, physical, intellectual and even spiritual benefits of spending time outdoor in natural environments. Even worst, some children are barely exposed to outdoor life. How do you want them to protect something that they ignore ?

I purposefully organize the different runs with the participants in ToR programs in the (remaining) green areas of KL. In a few instances, some people admitted that that they had never ran outside (only in treadmills) because it was too hot, there are mosquitos, it is too humid, it is not safe, and so on… And, they enjoy so much the experience that they have a big smile printed on their face during and after the run (it is of course also depending on the running, breathing and mind training techniques, but it is not the topic of this post). The experience is like a aha moment for them !

For those who are interested to know more, here is an article summarizing some facts about all the good that mother nature is giving us.

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