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Long Distance - Holistic Preparation 

Learn the "No Pain, All Gain" Approach to Long Distance Running & Bring Your Performance & Health to Another Level

This program is for individuals who want to run a long distance race [e.g. 10 km, ½ marathon, marathon, ultra-trail,...]. It is either a continuity of the Tao of Running 10 Week Transformation Program ™ or meant to experienced runners who have not done the 10 Week program but want to embed the Tao of Running principles in their running practice to improve their joy, freedom, and /or performance while making sure they do it in a healthy way.

Program Purpose

How Long distance – Holistic Preparation 

approach differs from traditional long distance preparation programs?

It is no secret that a lot of long distance runners battle with injuries, face difficulties in losing weight even if they exercise a lot, undergo over-training syndromes like persistent muscle soreness, chronic fatigue, loss of motivation, insomnia, irritability, regular illnesses, elevated resting heart rate. Also, some serious studies have concluded that competitive athletes have similar risks as sedentary people related to the increased risk of heart disease and death (*).

In a few words, fitness DOES NOT MEAN health. It is 2 different things that can lead to opposite behaviors if not considered with attention and in a holistic way to balance health, well-being and performance.

This holistic preparation program is designed to help you develop running fitness level without sacrificing but enhancing your long term health and well-being!

This program will be tailored specifically for you!  It will take in consideration your personal and professional constraints, your specific fitness and health situation, your nutrition situation in regards to determining the right balance and meet your performance goals while enjoying the process, being intuitively connected to your body and make sure you don't deteriorate your health for the sake of short term performance.


(*) Published in New England Journal of Medicine in 2012), asthma (British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2012; 46(7): 471–476), depression (German Elite Athletes. 2013. J CLIN SPORT PSYC; 7(4):313-326

Meet Stephane
Who Designed This Unique Tao Approach To Lifestyle

Stephane Thiltgen is a transformational “lifestyle coach” who helps people from all walks of life find their balance through his unique holistic approach interrelating exercise (particularly running), mindfulness/mind training, breathing science, nutrition, sleep science and other supporting habits: The Tao Lifestyle .

He coaches executives and business leaders in high pressure jobs deal with stress. By incorporating the principles of Tao Lifestyle, individuals reconnect to their whole person and gain better health, fitness, balance, productivity @ work and wellbeing. The Tao Lifestyle emphasizes heavily on creating synergies between mind, body and soul which come together in a crucial way to help strike the ideal balance.

Coming from the corporate world, Stephane has a deep understanding of the many challenges one faces in everyday life. Living a healthy and wholesome life can be challenging and Stephane is living proof of how one can alter their lifestyle to strike the balance. A certified Holistic Health Coach - trained in more than 100 nutrition theories, a certified NLP practitioner, a certified Lean Six Sigma black belt, passionate about long distance running and endurance mastery, neuroscience, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep science Stephane is able to understand the many challenges one faces.

His lifelong and continuous quest to be a better version of himself led him to famous thought leaders like Robin Sharma, Eckhart Tolle, Anthony Robbins, S.N. Goenka and many others. He channels his deep understanding of exercise, nutrition and meditation though his unique approach to everyday life. A popular speaker in Kuala Lumpur, Stephane is regularly called to address corporates and the staff at wellness centres. He works actively with corporates to help their staff unleash their fullest potential.

In his free time, Stephane loves running alone outdoor to connect with himself and the nature around. Although originally from Belgium, he has made Malaysia his home for well over one decade. A passionate healthy & simple food cook, Stephane loves researching and testing new recipes.

How is this holistic program tailored for you?

I believe that everybody can run long distances, enjoy it and reinforce his long term health and wellbeing with the right approach & guidance. Aren’t we Born To Run?

But, everyone has a different starting points & various expectations. Therefore, the approach to make it real requires a degree of customization (e.g. duration of preparation, frequency of training, intensity of training, focus more on body &/or mind training, or nutrition etc…) to be aligned with the current fitness level, state of health & the performance objectives.

The approach combines the important elements of a “traditional” long distance running preparation (e.g. 10km, Spartan race, 1/2 marathon, marathon, trail, ultra-trail) with Tao of Running -10 Week Transformation™  integrated approach for health & well-being.

Accordingly, an initial FREE OF CHANGE discussion is the best way to determine the most appropriate approach together and the pricing will be calculated accordingly.

The holistic training program can be:

  • Adapted for people with different level of experience [beginner, intermediate, advanced].
  • A continuity of the 10 Weeks Transformation Program or a start from scratch.  In this case, the 10 Weeks Transformation Program is embedded in the program
  • Customized for a group of friends who want to run the same race (discounts applicable depending on the number of people)
  • A Private One on One coaching program

Expected Benefits

The main benefits of this approach are: 

  • To get you to your peak - relatively to your current fitness level - for the specific event you want to run.
  • To bring you closer to the “Best Version Of Yourself” by feeling better:
    - Physically [stronger, more energized, no injury]
    - Mentally [sharper, more focused, more creative, more intuitive]
    - Emotionally [more freedom, reduce stress, increase peace of mind, more balanced, happier]
  • To enjoy the preparation process & the race day that will likely make you sustain the practice for the long term.
  • Likewise, "effortless running", high performance and the flow  become a “natural” outcome of practicing, integrating & mastering the techniques and developing holistic healthy habits.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle


Approach & what you get 

Long distance - Holistic Preparation has a typical duration of 12 weeks to 24 weeks 

[this is an indication. It might vary depending of your current situation, your specif health and performance goals,  the type of race and personal needs].

Each follow-up session will typically be every 2 weeks either face to face or remote by video call.

The first session consists on an interview and a detailed questionnaire to: 

  • Understand better your current situation “holistically” related to your lifestyle and how everything interconnects
  • Clarify and/or refine your specific health and performance goals 

Based on that session, we can:

  • Build the customized training manual, the customized structured training plan and its duration
  • Determine together the optional need of 1 on 1 coaching sessions 

During the preparation, 

  • Regular sharing of themes [e.g. nutrition, mind training tips & strategies to complement the training] customized based on the outcome of the initial interview and the needs determined on the way 
  • Reviews on Progress vs training plan [e.g Skype, WhatsApp, phone call] every 2 or 3 weeks and potential adaptation of the training plan if required 

What you will get for your investment?

The customized program will typically include:

  • Group or One on One coaching sessions (frequency, duration, intensity to be determined) – ToR 10 Week Transformation Program can be embedded inside the long distance event preparation
  • Customized Manual [beginner, intermediate, advanced level]
  • customized Preparation Program to guide training sessions & record personal experience (can go from 10 week duration to 24 week duration)
  • Video montage(s) for running form analysis with improvement feedback at different stages of the preparation (frequency to be determined – valid only for participants in Kuala Lumpur).
  •  Regular reviews on progress vs training plan [e.g Skype, WhatsApp, Phone call]
  • Access to the Weekly Run (organized different days – in morning/evening time):   45 minutes to one hour fun group run for all old and new participants (locations are in different green areas of Kuala Lumpur (e.g. Lake Garden, TTDI park, Titiwangsa park,… - valid only for people living in Kuala Lumpur )

What participants say

Rohit Nambiar

“Thanks Stephane for the support, inspiration and coaching…From panting at 400 meters to running my 1st 6km then 10km, 15km and finally a Half Marathon, it has been an amazing journey…I couldnt have dreamt of this in just 4 months…The best part is how I dont experience any pain after all the runs thanks to the preparation, training regime and techniques imparted…. I went around Melaka whole day after my 15km and did the same in Ipoh after my 21km… Essentially means I ran for myself and spent the rest of the day with family… This means all parties are happy ?Finally, you were not just a Running Coach. I always refer to you as a Lifestyle Coach to my friends. From nutrition to running and mental conditioning, you really supported me through this journey with the right amount of tips. Thanks a lot! “Note: Rohit lost 19 kgs in about 8 months by combining running, mindfulness and nutrition new habits !"

Rohit Nambiar
CEO AXA Malaysia

Xavier Dubois

"I have ran my first ½ marathon starting from no sport activity at all with only 4 months of preparation in 2 h 31 min! Looking forward to the next one… in 2h15Here is the story with a bit more details…In end of January 2016, I have decided to commit for Phuket half-marathon to join a group of friends. The event was happening a bit more than 4 months later in early June 2016.As I have never done any sport before, I was quite afraid of the challenge ahead of me. Stephane reassured me that he was confident that with the right approach, discipline and coaching I could make it.He encouraged me to register for the 10 Week Transformation Program starting at that time first. What I did and it really developed my mind, body, breathing foundations and built my initial confidence that it was doable. At the end of the 10 weeks, I was able to run several times a week 7 to 9 km without suffering. I even liked it and was looking forward to my runs.In the remaining weeks, Stephane gave me the additional coaching and support to increase the distance in a healthy and enjoyable way. Thank you Stephane for your program and your coaching! What a great feeling of accomplishment! "

Xavier Dubois

Thanks to Stephane, I was able to achieve something unbelievable before I joined the program: I finished a half marathon after two months of preparation in 2h 40’, keeping the same pace along the entire run. The mark could be not remarkable, but I enjoyed so much every kilometer I run that day, without suffering any pain the day after! I achieved my goal and I am convinced I will get better marks in the future. Meanwhile, running has become an enjoyable and pleasant routine in my life!“

Ana Alvarez

Manish Chopra

“Stephane did an amazing job of training me for my first marathon!As an amateur runner, I had little knowledge of what it takes to train for an endurance event. Stephane’s step-by-step guidance and especially the holistic mind-body approach really appealed to me and it enabled me to feel confident and prepared for running the distance.Stephane also enabled me to learn a lot about the fundamentals that underpin athletic activity and allowed me to self-discover the joys of running long distance.I recommend Stephane enthusiastically for those looking for a unique and personalized coaching for mindful running!“

Manish Chopra
Senior Partner - Mckinsey & Company

Jerome Desmarest

“ Thank you Stephane for your coaching & continuous support!I discovered the Tao of running in 2015. As a regular runner, I was not expecting major changes… but after the 10 weeks transformation program and few HM… I realize that it changed completely my vision and perception of running from the way to move, the way to use my mind, the way to breath and even the way to eat!I completed my first HM in June 2016 after a preparation based on long run in happy zone (1h52). One year later, I ran the SCKL HM with a more specific program, and I improved my performance by 7min.And in Dec 4th 2017, with my running partner since 2 years (Loic ), we were running the Angkor Wat Half Marathon. Based on a 12 weeks program prepared by Stephane – more performance oriented but still based on Tao principles – I beat my previous record by 10min (1h35) …This run in the middle of the temples was amazing…The day after, we were feel so great that we were already thinking to our next objective with Loic… KL FM in April 2018! What a fantastic experience, everyone can find his own pleasure and satisfaction with the Tao of running… beginners likewise more experienced runners.And last thing, since I am practicing mindfulness regularly inside and outside my running practice, I manage better my stress of my day to day life and I feel better in my body and my mind!?♂ Well done Steph ! ?“

Jerome Desmarest
APAC Deputy Cost Control Director - Technip

1 year after the program - First 1/2 marathon in 2016:"I never thought I would enjoy running a half marathon and when we decided to participate this year to the Phuket half marathon, I was not even sure I would be able to finish it.Thanks to Stephane's coaching & techniques, training became enjoyable and really brought me some serenity in my daily life.Step by step, without suffering, hard-working or struggling I managed to improve the length and speed of my runs. The sensations and the pleasure grew along.I went to the race not having a serious time objective or intention to fight for it, I just wanted to do it and have a good run. Those hundreds of people running in silence at dawn creates a very unique atmosphere. Applying the Tao of running techniques, I really enjoyed the moment and the scenery. After 10 km I felt good and relaxed and looking at my watch I started thinking it was too good to be true… I was performing much better than expected… would I burn out before the end? I had some doubts probably because I felt I did not run enough long runs during the preparation. Then slowing down and focusing on my breath and body sensation, I recovered step by step my confidence and finally managed well the second part of the run with the great satisfaction of feeling good, young and happy. I can say that the race has been a unique experience full of positive sensations.Finishing in good shape and in less than 2 hours for this first half-marathon of my life at age 45, I am looking forward the next one !Enjoy running !"3) After Angkor Wat 1/2 marathon in end of 2017:"Tao of Running is amazingly efficient! No suffering, no hard time, no injuries, great pleasure and health benefits. And we still enjoy strong improvement in my performance. Two years ago, I could not run more than 10 km and it took almost as long as a half marathon!"

Loïc Martineau

"Angkor Wat half marathon was an amazing experience for me! Not only because of the scenic route, but also because I was definitely seeing some huge benefits of this program ! I kept my promise to myself and forgot the time to focus on enjoying the run and paying attention to my body-mind connection. I didn't even bring my headphones, and didn't miss them either :D. I found my flow very early on (probably the environment helped) and running felt so effortless! I stopped a few times for taking pics too This was the first time with my minimally cushioned shoes, and guess what, my feet and legs were not sore at all. I was stunned! I could have just keep going and also as a result, I was utilizing my body fat as a source of energy as I only used one gel (not sure if I needed to actually, but wanted to avoid exhaustion) and had one banana on the way (and didn't generate any lactic acids either). So I have to say, even though I haven't learned that "much" new during the program, those little things were worth more than I anticipated."Note : Received after 1/2 marathon of Angkor Wat _December 2015. (Mari had run a few half marathons prior to taking part in this Program)

Mari Haapala

Thierry Guillem

“3 years after I joined Tao of Running program, and even if I am now far away from Asia, I still practice every week and it still gives me the same pleasure and benefits of running. And I like to do, several time a year, half-marathons that I select not only for running but also for melting with awesome environments whether they are urban or natural. Because TOR tis not only about running but also connecting the body and the mind with the world.“Note: Thierry has lost more than 25 kgs since taking part in ToR program !

Thierry Guillem
Finance Director at Entrepose Group - Vinci

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